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The 5 Most Fantastic Stained Glass Design in the World

Stained glass has been widely used for different structures all around the world. I must admit that the stained glass provides an extra kick when it comes to the appearance of the infrastructure aside from the design itself. You’ll be amazed at what kind of beauty a stained glass can bring to any building. Let me show you the most fantastic designs made out of stained glass.

  1. Sainte-Chapelle in Paris, France


You can see this glorious chapel in the core of Paris. If you want to see a 13th Century stained glass that is aligned from top to bottom, then this chapel is a must see.

  1. Erawan Museum in Bangkok, Thailand

Are you familiar with Erawan? It is the elephant from the Hindu Mythology that has three heads. The Erawan Museum is exactly the sculpture of Erawan made on a five floors building. When you go inside, the initial thing you should do is look up on the ceiling. The stained glass ceiling of the Museum is as magical as the sculptures inside it.

  1. Beeld en Geluid in Hilversum, Netherlands

Stained glass covers the whole building so you can just imagine how I was left in awe when I saw it in the middle of the night. It’s like looking at a magical creation.

  1. Chapel of Thanksgiving in Dallas, Texas

Have you ever experienced going up on a circle stair but as you look up, it will just make you feel tired? The Chapel of Thanksgiving will give you the opposite because you will be amazed as you move to the center. It is an impressive display of stained glass.

  1. Coventry Cathedral in Coventry, England


The wall was designed with the stained glass windows. The colors radiate even brighter as you walk towards the altar. I’m sure you have heard how beautiful and magnificent the Aurelia Borealis looks like. I’m telling you right now, the walls of the Coventry Cathedral are close to it or even better.

The gorgeous stained glass designs can bring you to a different dimension when you look at it. With these models, you can see the kind of difference a stained glass can bring. It makes any structure extra special.