Our Products

Goodman Stained Glass offers thousands of designs and colors for stained glass material. We are the biggest suppliers of stained glass. You can choose or request for a custom-made stained glass depending on your needs. Check out our products and feel free to choose which one you like.


Opalescent Glass


If you want a glass that will reflect the sun rays, then this is the perfect material you need. You can pick from a broad variety of colors and textures from us.


Transparent Texture Glass


If you are looking for the seamless motif for your project, then Clear texture glasses will be the best choice.


Spectrum Glass


It is the excellent choice if you are planning to build an artistic infrastructure. We have thousands of designs that can match what you need.


Custom-made Stained Glass


It is the best seller for Goodman Stained Glass. We come up with the design you specifically requested. We create a model for it and have it presented to you. Once you have it approved, then we can proceed to complete the custom-made order of the stained glass.


You just need to convey us your inquiry for your requests, and we’ll be glad to send you the information. You just need to send us an email for what you need at productinquiry@goodmanstainedglass.com.